What To Learn From the Fall of First Humans

I’m currently doing the ‘Essential Jesus’ from YouVersion for my Bible Reading. At one point, we were given “Genesis 3:1-24”. When I clicked on the chosen passage, I was reluctant when I found out that this is about the fall of first humans.

I believe you all have that moment right? The one when you read the Bible without any zeal and you read it just for the sake of reading the bible, especially if that is something that you’ve heard or read many times.

How arrogant of me!!

Just when I had that indifferent attitude, I was reminded that God is always able to bring fresh off revelation no matter how many times you have encountered the scriptures. Therefore, I repented and asked God to please give me a new revelation towards this story.

I read this passage about 3-4 times and my heart was leaping with joy when I got this new understanding and lesson learned from the story of human fall.

1. Always Confirm Things with God, Make Sure Things that You Do is God-Approved

I was made realized that Eve’s fall was not merely because she listened to the serpent or she was tempted to try. It was first and foremost because she didn’t confirm what was told with God. Proverbs 16:25 “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death“. Had Eve checked with God, she wouldn’t end up eating the fruit.

I was largely convicted on this ‘checking it with God’. A lot of times I took things into my own hand and made justification over it. A lot of times, I got so used of making my own decision and forgetting how much I need God’s confirmation/approval when I heard, told, or advised about certain things. God wanted us to communicate with Him every single thing and to ask for His approval. The moment we confess Him as our Lord, we no longer have any right to any longer say ‘this is my life, i am entitled to make certain decision’.

We are His! Ask His approval.

2. Be patient!

How long do you think Eve needs to wait before she checked with God? I don’t think it’s that long since God created Adam and Eve for His pleasure. It means that God must have loved come to Garden and spent time with them. It means, it won’t be long after what the serpent told about the deceiving truth on the fruit.

Imagine this. What if the period of Eve gobbled the fruit and God came to the garden were only two hours away? The hours that shift the fate from blessings to curse.

It’s important to wait on God. He knows when to appear and He’ll give us strength while waiting for Him. This waiting-patience things relate to point number 1.

Adam and Eve could spend her life FOREVER in garden had they waited just a little bit longer (PATIENCE)

Thank You Lord for this amazing revelation. Exactly my weaknesses. Exactly what I needed to hear and to apply.



What Is Love?

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only what you are expecting to give – which is everything” Katherine Hepburn 

Time for A New Me!

While reflecting on how did I go about 2012, the realization of I wasn’t become a better person made me filled with so much regrets. I spent a lot of time getting angry easily, gossiping other people, being a harsh critic, self-centered, conceited, little and almost no self-control, rude, and always insist on proving my point. The worse of it all is I threw my intimacy with God out of the window.

Therefore, when God gave me a chance to join a big christian gathering in Semarang at the end of the year (27-28 December), I was so humbled by His love. His love knows no bound! I had abandoned Him for so long but He never stopped pursuing after me. Also through this meeting, I realized about my character that became a turnoff to so many people and blindly not realizing for so many years; the need to prove I am right. This character that cost me losing someone I have feelings for. It happened right on the last day of 2012.

Painful, but a much needed lesson!

This 2013, I determined to really become a woman of love. A woman who really puts others before myself, who listens more and speak less, and most importantly, a woman who doesn’t insist on her point even she’s right.

A New Beginning for A New Me 🙂