Birth and A Glimpse of Heaven’s Feel

Birth is something that has always been celebrated upon; Be it the birth of business, dream, invention because birth symbolizes all the good things; first and foremost: hope and life.

When the royal baby birthed, we all know countless number of people worldwide rejoicing over this baby. We also heard about many who actually sleptover to get the best sight when this baby came out from this hospital. It’s quite funny because majority of the overjoyed didn’t have bloodline to this baby.

Suddenly my mind was brought upon God and and His wide smile when He sees the event of birth. Think about this if the people of England were the excited, how much more God’s. Afterall, He is the one who created us. I became very happy with this revelation because all this time, I never really contemplated upon the God and angels feeling upon physical birth. I’ve only thought about the spiritual birth (born-again event) spoken in Luke 15:10: “ In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

I understand that this post is such a light post. But I wrote this with the purpose of encouraging two audiences. First, pregnant mothers who are going through a normal pregnancy, I heard that labor pain is enduringly painful. May you be strengthened to push through knowing that God and milions of angels watching and cheering over the life that has about to be birthed! Second, to any of you who feel that you are unwanted; God and milions of angels want you! Yes you! You are so wanted, so needed, so special, so important. If you can’t feel that or desperate to prove whether I tell you the truth, ask God to reveal to you, because He will!



In Light of My Greatly Blessed, Deeply Loved, Highly Favored, 28th Birthday.

Facebook decided to change it’s layout again on my birthday. Thank you Facebook!

Having a friend named Nita called me a little bit after midnight (even that’s because she couldn’t sleep and I was her getaway).

Having my dear friend (Yenny) surprised me around 7 A.M. with red forest cake even if I just got 2-hour-sleep. And my first word when I saw her in my bedroom was “Tuhan Yesus”

She gave me Reebok resistance band (she knows me SO WELL).

It was lunch time, and I raced with time to get to Holycow Steak House (I didn’t know that during lunch time, its last order is at 2 o’clock). I wouldn’t want to miss free Wagyu Tenderloin for the world (birthday person got a free meal of his/her choice under a condition of wearing the elephant hat). The road was heavily trafficked and I kept on saying “oh God, please make restaurant open still”. I arrived at 13.59.

Chatted with my Korean friend on Skype on my plan to visit her in summer 2014.

Got out of the house and greeted with dark, gloomy, thunder-filled sky showing that it was going to rain soon. Didn’t want to get wet, I decided to look at the clouds and speak, “you’re not going to rain until I got my stuff and come back to the house.”

So it happened! The rain poured exactly when I just closed my house door.

Apparently, My Heavenly Father decided to agree with me this time..haha. Thanks Dad! (well, i’m still grateful even if sometime You disagree)

My only alive Grandma came to our house!


Thank You Lord for just the indescribable amount of ALL THINGS BLESSINGS and LOVE to me throughout my life. You really are the best thing in life and after life. May I become the bride that You so dearly desire.

Love you Jesus!